Monday, September 20, 2010

Matching Flowers to Outfits

I think that most people when they pick a flower to wear with an outfit, pick a flower that matches the outfit. This is what I have always done. If I am wearing a floral print, I try to wear a flower in my hair that is the same color and variety as the one in the print. I think that this is what most people do.

When I went to Tennessee for the Redneck Rumble, Ashley (Lisa Freemont) and I were getting ready for the event. I put on my dress which is white with black and yellow roses. When I've worn it before, I have worn a black rose...since it matched. I asked Ashley's opinion on the flower to wear with my outfit. She looked through all of my flowers and picked out the double pink Rock-a-Hula Baby hibiscus. I was very shocked with the selection. Since I had nothing else pink on and it really did not match at all. She told me, "It looks like you just plucked some flowers and put them in your hair". So I went with it, and it worked. It looked exactly like she said it would, not like I was trying to match...which I like.

When our models got there, it was the same with them. Brooke wore leopard with purple shoes and purple orchids. It was gorgeous!

Tina wore a red dress with a big orange mum. I would have never put these together, but it was just beautiful! I would have gone with the obvious...a leopard rose for Brooke, a red rose for Tina. How boring would that have been?

Elizabeth was wearing a black dress with very pale pink details. She came wearing a blue lily and behind it a blue dahlia. It was a stunning combination. She had nothing else on that was blue just a green necklace.

Ashley wore a black and white polka dot dress. She was just gorgeous wearing a red real rose with a white Gerbra daisy. I would have never put the two flowers together but it was so pretty.

So, if you have flowers that you think don't match anything...colors you may have nothing to wear with, mix them up. Wear them with other colors. The whole idea of wearing flowers is to look like you just picked them and put them in your hair. Try'll be beautiful! I promise.