Sunday, June 13, 2010

Back to Memphis

'I'm going to leave here in the morning and walk down to the station
I've got just enough money to pay my transportation
I'm going back to Memphis, back home with my Mama
If I have to ride that bus barefooted in pajamas
Back home in Memphis, no moaning and groaning
I know everything will be all right in the morning'
-Chuck Berry

I lived my first 20 years of life in Memphis, TN. The birthplace of the Blues & Rock and Roll, the best Barbecue, and the home of Elvis Presley. The place most of my early memories reside. The place my heart lives. No matter how long I'm away this is always home.

My parents moved 3 months ago to Texas. I knew that going home this time would be very different. I wondered how Memphis would 'feel', would it still be home.

I went to visit my little sisters (actually cousins but we are closer than cousins and sisters fit us much better). And we did a couple of very 'Memphis' things. The touristy things that you just don't do when you live there. Well, that I never did.

I've driven by Sun Studios a million times and have never set foot in the door. I really wanted to do a tour, but my baby is 3 and they don't let children under 5 on the tour. But I did at least get to go into this historical place and bought a new favorite.


And another really cool thing we did was eat at The Arcade. This was my first time eating here and hearing the amazing history. This 50's style diner is the oldest diner in Memphis. A diner that still has Elvis' favorite booth for you to sit in. Original boomerang countertops worn on the edges from the thousands of people that have visited this famous restaurant before you.

Elvis' booth is the last one next to the window right in front of the mirrored Arcade wall.

Those were the two historic Memphis things we did. We also went to the Farmer's Market downtown, had cupcakes at Muddy's Bake Shop (the best cupcakes in the world), and went to a concert at Levitt Shell where we saw The Cowboy Junkies. And where every person in our group got chiggers. Yes, chiggers are real. I can attest. I don't know if they are just in the Southern United States or if they are everywhere but they are terrible.

Even though my parents weren't there and I missed them so very much. Memphis still felt like home. Driving down Summer Avenue like I've done so many times before, just is home. Memphis has changed so much since I moved away 15 years ago. It's nice that some parts stay the same.

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  1. Oh chiggers are definitely real. We went to a music fest over memorial day and they had hay bales to sit on. I had on a skirt. My butt and thighs were COVERED w/ nasty red whelps. Chiggers is real...and they suck.