Friday, June 25, 2010

A Little Tour of Belle Blossoms

Hi Dolls! Welcome to Belle Blossoms! This is where it happens. My little studio. My favorite space, it reflects who I am and the things that I love and what I love doing.

I usually stand at this little black cabinet to make Belle Blossoms.

My desk that I never use except to sit things on.
Just in case I have any company so they have somewhere to sit or sleep (it's a futon)
Some of the vintage hats that I bought to restore and sell but I love them all so much I can't part with any of them. One day I know that I will work up the courage to wear them somewhere besides around the studio. That little number on the black candlestand by the way is to die for! So Marilyn! I am in love.
My $10 garage sale find. I love this piece. This is where your blossoms get wrapped up and packaged.
I love this chandelier which I got a steal on at

a couple of fascinators that were on my desk that I've been working on.

a little bowl of feather butterflies ready to go on clips or headbands

The top of a bookcase with my old suitcases and cameras
the top of the other bookcase.
I hope you enjoyed your tour of Belle Blossoms as much as I enjoy working here.


  1. omg i am in love with everything! i love the vintage look!

  2. lol...I want to lick the walls. That's how much I love this color. I think in my next house I'm going to do gradient versions of this color in every room!