Saturday, February 12, 2011

February Blossom of the Month Reveal

The blossom of the month comes in three sizes.

The small club got to preview our new Ruffle Roses.

                                Everyone in the Medium Club received one of our Leopard Roses
Those in the large club received a brown leopard rose
And this is the Feather of the Month...with a vintage earring for the center, some had vintage buttons as the center since I didn't have enough earrings for them all.

The clue for the March Blossom is....
One of the first flowers of spring. Coming your way the first week of March.


  1. Personally, I would have rather had a realistic looking rose. I'm really not that fond of animal prints. I think we should have had the option.

  2. There is a Blossom Exchange on our FB page under discussions.

    Each month we send out almost 200 blossoms. It would be almost impossible to keep track of requests. That is why we make the same blossom for everyone.