Thursday, April 14, 2011

Antique Store Finds

I found some great things while antiquing last week. I normally have a very difficult time finding vintage clothing. It is always too small. Just when I was becoming convinced that everyone that lived during the mid 20th century was a size 4, I found a great vintage dress and a couple of other even more exciting things.

The dress is black and has small ruffles along the hemline, sleeves, and high collar.

It looks great with a wide red belt and this crinoline slip that I found at the same store

It's bright red. It looks very faded in the picture. It isn't. I've been wanting a crinoline slip for a long time and finally found this one.

And I think possibly my favorite find of the day...

Since I'm slightly obsessed with hair accessories, I was very happy to find this 1920's fascinator.

I love antiquing!


  1. Me too! Let's go together!

  2. Love the facinator!!! Cool finds!